Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who We Are and What We Do

“While You’re Away” is a pet/plant sitting service in New Braunfels, Texas.  The primary “pet sitting” person is Linda Davies, who is retired from UTMB in Galveston.  Linda and her cat, Ruby, moved from the Texas Coast to New Braunfels 5 years ago to be near her grandchildren. 

Her partner is Judy Carey, who is retired from 40 years as an elementary school teacher.  She and her husband, Bill, have resided in New Braunfels 19 years.   Both Linda and Judy are avid pet lovers, both having had pets (cats and dogs) all their lives.   

We offer reasonably priced pet sitting services to local pet owners that give both the families and the pets themselves peace of mind while the family is away.  I have only boarded one animal in my life, a little female toy dachshund.  We boarded her for two weeks; upon our return we were just sick to see how distraught she had been.  Her hair had fallen out and she had barely eaten.  This being a very reputable kennel, I believe she just did not think we were ever coming back and was grieving for us.  Since then I have always kept my pets in their own environment when having to be away, with a trusted friend or relative checking in on them to feed, water, walk, play, give medicine, etc.  Linda and/or Judy can be that trusted friend to your pet.

Rates:         $15.00 for daily visit plus mileage; visits are around 30 minutes each.   
                     $7 added for each extra visit per day plus mileage

                     Daily visits include feeding, watering, giving medicines, 
                     changing litter box, taking dogs out, visiting, etc.
     $50.00 for each overnight stay (8 pm to 8 am); 
             Linda Davies is the overnight sitter. 

     Additional pets: Cats - $1 extra each additional cat per visit; 
     Dogs - $3 extra each additional dog per visit

     Dog Walking:  $15 for ½ hour; dogs must be leashed and non-aggressive 
            (and not over 50 pounds)

     Watering Yard at time of visit:  $5 each watering

                    Mileage:  304 per mile over 10 miles round trip

    Major Holidays:   $5 extra per day

                    No charge for Initial meeting prior to services; 
                    Cancellation fee with less than 48 hours notice:  $25
TAXI SERVICE:  Transport of pets and/or pet care supplies to and from 
                                veterinarian, groomer, trainer, or other locations: 
                               $20 for round trip plus mileage. 

Helpful Info/Needs

     Emergency phone numbers for Vet and preferred After Hour Clinic

     Have a signed release form on file with your Vet and a copy 
     in your home before visits begin in case of an emergency visit; 
     have a signed release of liability form and a credit card registered 
     with your vet for the visit.

                    Please notify neighbors that we will be taking care of your pet(s)

    Watering inside plants and/or setting out garbage for pickup – 
     No charge if requested during a regular pet visit.

Linda C. Davies                                   
Cell Phone:      (719) 231-3584           

Judy Carey
Home Phone:  (830) 625-6002
Cell Phone:      (830) 708-4122